Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Video editor

USAID BEST is seeking a full-time video editor to join its communications team and develop a range of video materials on a regular basis for its online channels, events and other activities. Some experience in graphic design is important and ability to provide support with basic graphic tasks is an advantage. The following requirements are sought:


  1. Works on Final Cut and Premiere, and has experience in Pro-tools, After Effect or similar software.
  2. At least three years of experience in video editing, audio editing and color correction.
  3. Proven work experience as a video editor with an outstanding portfolio.
  4. Experience in working on a range of video styles, including documentaries, feature reports and TV programs.
  5. Solid experience in image editing and using Adobe Photoshop.
  6. Motivated, creative, good at storytelling.
  7. Ability to work in a team and communicate in English as well as Arabic.


  1.  Arrange and edit soundbites, videos of varying length, slide images and other types of video footage as needed in coordination with the communications team.
  2. Draft rough cuts and create final cuts with logical sequencing.
  3. Input music, sound, dialogues, graphics and effects as needed.
  4. Video edit, audio edit and color correct footage.
  5. Select and add B-rolls in a creative and sequential way.
  6. Extract footage from SD card/camera to the external hard drives and maintain a well-filed video library.
  7. Convert videos into different formats.
  8. Create and edit simple image graphics.

Interested candidates who meet the following requirements should send their CV and portfolio to