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2019 thru-hike

The 2019 Jordan Trail Thru-Hike has been underway for 21 days today, with 23 days to go! The 18 intrepid thru-hikers reached the Dana section of the trail, completing more than 280 kilometers since their southern starting point in Aqaba. Another 400 kilometers remain before they reach the final destination of Um Qais.

Thomas Gathman, one of the 2019 thru-hikers who hails from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, said, “It’s been absolutely beautiful. We’re enjoying the desert sands of Wadi Rum and the mountainous sections north of Petra.” Thomas, who writes about his travels online using the alias ‘Real Hiking Viking, - has been a full-time hiker since 2013.

According to Sarah Ann Legg, a student of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte who is taking part in the 2019 thru-hike, “The Dana section of the trail is absolutely stunning! The trail has changed so much through our thru-hike with so many elevation changes. It’s been super enjoyable, and the weather has been fantastic. My favorite thing about the trail has to be the hospitality of the locals. Going town to town and meeting people through the hike has been amazing and definitely ingraining.”