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The 2nd annual Jordan Trail thru-hike continues

400 kilometers, down 250 to go

The second annual Jordan Trail thru-hike kicked off this month. The 44-day trek is open to hikers of all skill levels to experience Jordan in a unique way.  This journey covers the entire 650 kilometers of the Jordan Trail from Um Qais to Aqaba, giving hikers the chance to witness firsthand the dynamics of Jordan’s landscapes and terrains.

There are five hikers from Jordan and abroad doing the full thru-hike and they are joined along the way by day and weekend hikers. To date more than 400 people have joined the thru-hike at varying sections. The thru-hikers are due to reach the Red Sea in Aqaba on 15th April.

There is still time for you to join this breath-taking adventure.  Click here to register before April 12th.

Watch this video to see what hikers had to say in Iraq al Amir.