Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

BookAgri farmers market offers fresh farm produce

The BookAgri Farmers Market, opening on 7th July, is a new Friday market at the Country Riding Center of Jordan in Ja’lad near As-Salt, which offers fresh farm produce and homemade dairy products, preserves and more supplied by the farming communities of rural As-Salt.

Bring your family and spend a fun Friday morning at the BookAgri Farmers Market where you can enjoy horse-riding, walks, children’s activities, food shopping and a special brunch menu with dishes made from market ingredients fresh from the farm.

Supporting the BookAgri Farmers Market supports local farms, small farming communities and families.

This effort is part of an initiative by Al-Marj Development and Training Company, supported by USAID BEST, to develop agritourism in villages in the governorate of Al Balqa. Al Marj works with local farmers to develop agri-tourism experiences and products offered at local farms. Each farm specializes in different goods and services ranging from producing dairy products and honey to harvesting zaatar, sumac, olives and berries. Al-Marj created as a brand and platform for learning about and booking these agritourism experiences.

The farming families have worked diligently with Al-Marj  and USAID BEST to learn about agritourism and understand its value and how they can benefit from opening their farms to visitors.

Farmer Um Hasan said, “Opening up our farm has made more people aware of what we do and has increased our sales”. She enjoys the opportunity to share what she does for a living with her visitors. Um Hasan harvests sumac and zaatar and her visitors learn how to produce ground sumac and traditional zaatar.

Neighbouring farmer Um Nidal offers a different experience that includes collecting free range chicken eggs and milking goats, among others. Visitors to Um Nidal's family farm can live the farm experience, and learn to churn goat milk butter and make jam. 

The farmer’s market hopes to draw in many looking for fresh local goods and will also be an opportunity to bring awareness to the agritourism experiences on offer, such as farm tours, bed and breakfasts, and activities such as learning to prepare local dishes, milking goats and harvesting chicken eggs.

The farmer’s market will continue over the coming four months, every Friday at the Country Riding Center of Jordan in Jal’ad, As-Salt from 11:30am to 8:00pm.

For more information call 0772236393.