Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

BookAgri farmers participate in National Olive Festival

Al-Marj Development Company took part in the National Olive Festival on November 27 to 30 at Al Hussein Park in Amman. More than 700 farmers from around Jordan participated and around one million visitors attended. To represent the BookAgri experience, developed by Al Marj with USAID BEST support, 35 farmers from Allan and Balqa who are operating under the BookAgri brand took part.

The festival, organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, enables participants to market their produce directly to citizens. Taking part in this type of festival helps BookAgri farmers to market the experiences they offer to a wider audience, leading to increased sales and income.  

USAID BEST supported Al-Marj Company to successfully introduce agritourism experiences in Allan and is now supporting the development of experiences in Ajloun and Jerash. Al-Marj works with local farmers to develop agritourism experiences and products at local farms. Each farm specializes in a particular product and service, ranging from producing dairy products and honey to harvesting zaatar, sumac, olives and berries.