Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

A day in the Jordanian countryside

Spend a day in the Jordanian countryside tasting and buying fresh seasonal produce from As-Salt and beyond. Visitors will have the chance to browse artisan food and crafts from 10am to 7pm on September 21, 2018. Vendors from Jerash, As-Salt, Amman, and Ajloun will be offering traditional fare along with seasonal homemade goods. There will be several activities for kids and adults, including walks and hikes in the area, henna art, pottery painting and more!

Asma Wishah is one of the venders and she will be offering homemade jams, labneh, olives, and pickles, along with delicious health-conscious, low-sodium and gluten-free alternatives. Basema Da’ana will be selling traditional handwoven rugs and embroidered crafts at her booth, and offering henna tattoos. Al Kifah Cooperative, which manages Summaga Café and sells organic produce from a collective of 25 organic farms in Ajloun, will be selling their fresh produce and organic preserves. There will also be vendors selling soaps made from natural oils and herbs, and many more items.

Yawm al Reef is organized by the Salt Development Corporation and USAID BEST. The venue is contributed by the Basheer family.

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