Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Enabling Environment

USAID BEST is supporting government and private sector initiatives for immediate and longer term policy reforms to promote tourism investment and improve the tourism experiences and sites in Jordan.

Industry competitiveness in Jordan has been continuously decreasing. USAID BEST is working diligently to improve competitiveness by addressing the standards and quality of services throughout the country.  

BEST is collaborating with public and private sector partners to help rebound tourism and grow it sustainably into the future. BEST has focused on developing a Tourism Competitiveness Index (TCI) specific to Jordan that will serve as the key tool to assess and analyze tourism development and progress over time. The TCI focuses on indicators most relevant to Jordan’s tourism sector, and this allows for accurate assessment of growth within the country.

BEST is also working alongside MoTA and industry stakeholders nationwide to develop the National Tourism Strategy (NTS). The strategy guides efforts to improve Jordan’s competitiveness as a tourism destination through better standards, services, products and experiences, as well as enhancing marketing, establishing an enabling environment and labor market development. 


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