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Equal Playing Field

Hundreds of spectators froms southern Al Ghor community gathered around the newly built football field to watch the Equal Playinig Field’s international women’s football team break the world record for the lowest altitude played football match. This month, The Asian Football Development Project (AFDP) partnered with Equal Playing Field (EPF) an organization that seeks equal opportunity for women around the world to participate in sport without discrimination, prohibitively low pay, and disrespect, to implement a ‘Jordan Quest’. During the week leading up to the record-breaking game, over 70 international EPF supporters and team players held a series of football clinics across Jordan where they encouraged young girls through football.  

With the support of USAID BEST, the women of EPF had the opportunity to not only empower young girls, but also had the opportunity to see what Jordan has to offer as a touristic destination.

The world record breaking event attracted several international and local media representatives. Such media coverage ultimately spreads awareness of Jordan as an ideal touristic destination.

To learn more about Equal Playing Field here.