Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Jordan is promoted to the lucrative Scandinavian market through industry roadshows

The Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA) and Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), with USAID BEST support, held successful roadshows in Copenhagen and Stockholm last week to promote Jordan as a tourism destination within these markets and increase tourist arrivals from Denmark and Sweden to Jordan.

The two countries represent lucrative markets for Jordan, with tourists from Denmark and Sweden spending an average of 7 nights in the country for leisure and vacation. Representatives from 19 leading tour operators and hotels in Jordan took part in the roadshows, along with representatives from Royal Jordanian, Turkish Airlines, and Norwegian Air, all of which connect Copenhagen to Amman or Aqaba. For the Copenhagen event, 36 travel agents and tour operators, mostly representing the Danish tourism and travel trade, attended, while 29 Swedish travel agents and tour operators attended the Stockholm event. Both events were covered by local media. The events entailed an introduction to Jordan and its tourism offerings and one-on-one meetings between attendees regarding business collaborations.

The roadshows come as part of a wider cooperative marketing effort by the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association and Jordan Tourism Board to capitalize on interest for Jordan from the Scandinavian market. They have recorded a positive increase in the number of visitors from the Scandinavian region and conducted several studies illustrating the positive impact these nations have on the tourism sector in Jordan. Additionally, with the direct flights offered by Royal Jordanian airline between Copenhagen and Amman several times a week, Jordan has proven to be a desirable leisure destination for the Scandinavian market.

Given the success of both events, and wide interest in Jordan from these two markets, participants are expecting to see a significant increase in the number of travelers from the Scandinavian market.