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Jordan Trail Association concludes third annual thru-hike

The Jordan Trail thru-hikers reached Um Qais on April 13, bringing the third annual thru-hike event to a successful close. Launched in February 2019 at the Berenice Beach Club in Aqaba, the 2019 thru-hike saw 18 thru-hikers traverse the full 680km from Aqaba in the south to Um Qais in the north in 44 days, with others joining the thru-hike routes on daily, weekend and sectional hikes. Two international hikers also ran separately from Um Qais to Aqaba in a 9-day fast-run, breaking the previous record of 14 days. 

This year’s thru-hike was organized by the Jordan Trail Association with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities along with USAID BEST and the Jordan Tourism Board. The thru-hike was sponsored by City Mall, the Jordan Tourism Board, Jordan Petroleum Refinery, Jordan Express Tourist Transport, Jordan Insurance Company and the Panorama Restaurant and Sinbad Group.  

“I was surprised by the culture and generosity of the people I met on the trail, both those I was hiking with and those we met on the way,” said Thomas Gatham, a professional hiker known online as 'The Hiking Viking, who was hosted by the Jordan Tourism Board to participate in the thru-hike “As beautiful as the trail is, it’s the people that I will remember.”  

The Jordan Trail Association conducts the thru-hike as a yearly event to promote the Jordan Trail and create financial opportunities for the people living in the 52 villages and communities along the trail. As of 2019, 130 families are benefitting from the development of the trail, providing accommodation, food and drink, as well as escorts to the hikers. 

 “The Jordan Trail Association is dedicated to growing and developing the trail even further in future years,” noted Bashir Daoud, CEO of the Jordan Trail Association “We have two more annual events being developed for 2019, with the first official Jordan Trail Run for ultra-marathon runners who will complete the entire trail in 12 to 14 days and the Jordan Trail Expedition for mid-level hikers who will finish the trek in 20 to 22 days.”

The Jordan Trail is fully marked and accessible to the public all year round, with hikes of varying lengths available across the country. The Jordan Trail has a comprehensive website where information about the trail can be found, including maps and trail details for those wishing to hike unsupported. Click here to learn more about the trail and to find maps and other resources to help you plan a successful trip.