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Jordan Trail Expedition Kicks Off

The Jordan Trail Expedition kicked off on October 4 in Um Qais. Offered by the Jordan Trail Association as one of several annual experiences, the expedition launched this year as a new event for hiking enthusiasts with mid-level experience. The expedition challenges participants to walk the entire trail the entire 650KM length of the Jordan Trail in 22 days, ending on October 25. 4 hikers are crossing the full trail, while 2 others will be crossing the northern regions only.

The Jordan Trail Association was established to create and manage a sustainable long distance trail crossing and connecting the length of Jordan, known as the Jordan Trail. Fully marked and accessible to the public all year round, with hikes of varying lengths available across the country, the Jordan Trail has a comprehensive website where information about the trail can be found, including maps and trail details for those wishing to hike unsupported.

Click here to learn more about the trail and to find maps and other resources to help you plan a successful trip.