Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

New tourism restaurant in As-Salt hones hospitality skills ahead of upcoming opening

Staff of Ghirbal Restaurant are receiving front-of-house and back-of-house training ahead of the upcoming opening of the new tourism restaurant in As-Salt. The ground floor of Ghirbal has been serving as a traditional restaurant since early 2017, and in 2018 USAID BEST awarded the owners a grant to support the opening of a tourism restaurant on the first floor of the building, which had been unused.

The front-of-house training addresses areas such as first impressions, dealing with customers and the ethics of hospitality. It will help staff to make a good impression on customers and ensure they are getting the best service. This helps encourage recommendations and repeat visits. The back-of-house training deals with kitchen hygiene, food presentation and documentation of recipes to make sure that the restaurant’s offering are consistent in taste, style and quality and that safe food practices are always followed.

USAID BEST is implementing this training, and over the past months has supported the design and furnishing of interior of the restaurant, developing a unique menu that reflects the local culture, brand development and marketing, and capacity building.

The new Ghirbal tourism restaurant is due to open very soon in the coming couple of months and it will be the largest restaurant in As-Salt.