Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Pathways to Professionalism

The Pathway to Professionalism Scheme (PTP) is an innovative labor market initiative that responds to current challenges faced by hospitality and tourism employers in Jordan. The scheme is designed to create jobs, enhance professionalism and improve standards at hotels in Jordan, through an accredited and certified scheme based on national professional standards and structured training in the workplace.

Pathways to Professionalism aims to achieve the following:

  1. Create new industry jobs
  2. Enhance qualification of existing workers
  3. Improve service standards at hotels and restaurants
  4. Introduce a certified scheme based on job standards and industry-based training in the workplace

The PTP programs are currently designed to take unskilled individuals and provide them with structured training to ensure that they achieve competence at a basic skills level in their chosen discipline during their program. It provides an opportunity for employees to work full-time in the industry, follow a structured training program and receive a recognized qualification at the end of the period.

The Pathways to Professionalism Scheme is based on three major pillars. The National Advisory Committee, the employers and the Assessment and Accreditation Centers. The three major roles of the National Advisory Committee is to select and approve employers from the hospitality and tourism sector, register suitable employees from these organizations and finally develop professional job profiles for the selected employees.

The second pillar is the employers; the employers are responsible for four major roles.

  1. Prepare a training and development plan for participants in the program.
  2.  Prepare a Job Skills Portfolio for the employees.
  3.  Allocate an approved Departmental Trainer and approved Internal Verifier.
  4. Verify and validate the process, performance, and results of the Job skills Portfolio through the Internal Verifier who will then nominate the employees for attendance at the local Assessment Center.

The third and final pillar of the Pathways to Professionalism program is the Assessment Centers. The first step here is the employees will attend the Assessment Center for testing and approval of their work based on learning achievements in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Second, the accreditation level is approved or rejected based on the academic and practical grades achieved. Finally, the employees will be awarded a National Certificate of Professional Competence by the relevant awarding authority. 

It is important to note that in order for the Pathways to Professionalism to operate effectively, it must adequately balance the competing needs of the key stakeholders, which includes the hotels, employees and the Vocational Training Corporation.

The Pathways to Professionalism program is expected to result in positive change over time, in terms of how training is managed within the tourism industry in Jordan. Employers will have more ownership with regards to developing professional skills for entry-level recruits and employees will have the opportunity to continue their education in tourism and hospitality. The success of the Pathways to Professionalism will be dependent upon the commitment of the employer, the employee and external stakeholders such as the Vocational Training Corporation.