Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Tourism in Jordan

A rich history, diverse and scenic landscapes, world-class attractions and a warm and welcoming people make Jordan a unique and wonderful tourism destination. The country has a strong tourism infrastructure in place, and tourism has long contributed significantly to the national economy, creating tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs around the country. There is much potential for tourism to play an even greater positive role in the lives of Jordanians, however the country has in recent years been plagued by the effects of regional events that have discouraged visitors due to a misperception of Jordan's safety.

Despite the fact that Jordan remains one of the most stable countries in the Middle East, there is an urgent need to better promote itself as a secure and desirable destination, overcoming market misperceptions to return to growth. In addition, the sector must become more competitive in today's international marketplace, which entails rapidly changing consumer preferences and increased demand for authentic, engaging local experiences.

Tourist arrivals have suffered since 2011 and revenue has dropped drastically. Primary tourism sites in Jordan have seen huge declines, and visits to secondary cities are even worse off. Hotels have been affected, with a number of closures of small and medium size hotels, and the deterioration of tourism numbers is affecting businesses across the board, including accommodation, coaches, car rentals, tour operators and more.

The USAID Building Sustainability through Tourism project seeks to closely collaborate with public and private sector tourism partners to address these challenges and reverse the decline in visitor numbers by  capitalizing on the country’s unique opportunities.