Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

What is The Tourism Partnership Fund?

The Tourism Partnership Fund (TPF) is a grant program operated by the USAID BEST project to encourage local initiatives and businesses to invest in and develop Jordan's tourism sector and competitiveness and support the goals and objectives of the tourism project. These include contributing to industry competitiveness, tourism promotion, creating jobs and enhancing tourism products, assets, and enterprises. Through the fiscal year of 2016 up to $1.5 million in grant funding will be available to support Jordan's tourism development.

Grant activities must fall into at least one of the following six categories:

  1. Business Enabling Environment to Support Competitiveness
  2. Tourism Asset Development
  3. Destination Marketing
  4. Improved Access to Finance
  5. Promoting Gender Equity in Tourism
  6. Creating Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Proposed activities must also support any of the overall BEST project objectives. Click here to learn about these.

How can TPF help me?

The Tourism Program Fund offers financial and technical assistance for your tourism activity. Whether it is tourism promotion to JTB, local SME development, tourism product and asset enhancement, policy planning and implementation or institutional capacity building, you can benefit from TPF.

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