Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

What we do

Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project (BEST) is a five-year, $36 million project funded by USAID that seeks to support Jordan's transformation into a globally competitive tourism destination. The project will work closely with government, non-government and private sector tourism stakeholders to strengthen the country's tourism facilities and services, improve the management and promotion of tourism sites, boost marketing efforts and encourage tourism to secondary sites. BEST seeks to address the dearth of women working in tourism and promote the employment of youth in this sector, where demand for skilled workers is high, as well as create Jordanian jobs in general

BEST will build on the work accomplished by the Jordan Economic Growth through Sustainable Tourism project and other USAID tourism projects over the past decade to help Jordan address existing challenges and achieve its tourism capabilities.

It is anticipated that these efforts will unify and strengthen Jordan's tourism sector and achieve the following key results:

  •  Increase of tourism receipts by 15%
  • Increase of female participation in the tourism workforce by 15%

  • Bring hundreds of thousands visitors to secondary sites annually

  •  Creation of 25,000 direct jobs in the tourism sector

  • Reduce seasonal fluctuations by 30%

  • Increase tourist arrivals by 20%

  •  Increase domestic tourism by 30%  

This nationwide tourism transformation will ultimately help establish Jordan as a globally competitive destination.