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Abdali Boulevard comes alive with Ramadan spirit activities

6 Jun 2018

Taking advantage of the bustling numbers of visitors coming to enjoy their evening time after Iftar, the Abdali Boulevard is coming alive with the enchanting ambiance of “The Arabesque Nights” these days.

In line with its recurrent thematic attractions which flourish on the avenue to mark the year’s seasonal occasions, “The Arabesque Nights” were set up to “reflect the warmth and beauty of the holy month by creating enchanting Ramadani vibes at the promenade”, said Marketing Officer at the Boulevard Jude Al Fayez. 

Launched on May 24 and running through the end of Ramadan on June 18, the event includes the EU-funded “Ramadan Souq”, which showcases the local products of a group of creative women from across the Kingdom. 

The market, which includes creations ranging from wooden accessories and embroidered cloths to homemade jams and pickled food, plunges the strollers into the traditional heritage of Jordan through a display of authentic products created by passionate locals.

EU Ambassador to Jordan Andrea Matteo Fontana, who toured the market a few days earlier, said: “Our support to this souq comes in line with the EU efforts to empower the local markets, women, and the national economic development.’’

“By funding this market, the EU aims to support local communities and national products with a specific emphasis on women economic development,” he told The Jordan Times.

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