Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Ahli Bank relationship managers improve their financial skills and tourism knowledge

24 Aug 2017

In partnership with USAID BEST, the Jordan Ahli Bank recently began offering lending geared towards the tourism sector. This is part of an initiative by USAID BEST to improve the willingness of banks to lend to tourism entities by raising awareness among lenders of the significant of tourism and its future outlook for Jordan.

This month USAID BEST implemented training for relationship managers of Jordan Ahli Bank branches to improve their capacity to assess loan applications from tourism businesses. The majority of trainees recently became relationship managers, making this workshop even more vital in shaping their awareness and willingness to engage with small and medium-sized tourism enterprises.

As Samer S. Ejailat, Training & Development manager of the Jordan Ahli Bank Training Center, explained, “The tourism sector is perceived as risky by banks. Many banks, including Jordan Ahli Bank, do not have enough knowledge and understanding of tourism. Therefore financial skills and cashflow analysis are important to enable proper assessment of lending applications. This training will help the relationship managers make sound decisions that lead to increased lending to tourism businesses.”

Naria Smairat has been a relationship manager for two months and on completing the training she said, “I would have never thought about the tourism sector as a field we would work with as relationship managers. My first impression was that it would be a bit risky, but this workshop is opening us up to working with tourism.”

“I am becoming more open to engaging with tourism businesses. In fact after attending this workshop, I think that it is necessary,” said Ahmad Abu Sbeitan.