Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Ajloun owners and investors acquire essential skills to run their tourism businesses

9 Nov 2019

USAID BEST is working to develop business planning and financial management skills among small and medium tourism enterprise owners around Jordan to improve their capacity to access financing and boost investment in tourism. This month, USAID BEST implemented a three-day workshop on the topic in Ajloun for 24 local business owners who run restaurants, handicraft shops and other tourism-related enterprises. 

Attendees learned a variety of tools and techniques to assess the feasibility of key business decisions and learned how to articulate and execute sound business plans to present strong loan applications to banks. These skills will increase their chances of obtaining funding and, most importantly, sustaining their tourism enterprises.

“The workshop benefited us in many ways,” said Ziyad Al Quddah, a café owner in Ajloun. Ziyad and his wife Um Nadim aspire to grow their family business by improving their managerial skills. Ziyad noted that the workshop was very important to improve their ability to run their business and helped inform them on how to manage their capital and how to seek funding or partners.  

The workshop comes on the heels of HM King Abdullah’s renewed push for the economic development of Ajloun. HM noted that Ajloun had ‘the making of a leading governorate in agriculture and tourism’.

For this workshop, USAID BEST worked closely with the Safwa Islamic Bank, who took part to liaise directly with investors and better understand their financing needs following the launch of their new tourism financing program.