Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Al-Adham family opens their home to visitors in As-Salt

7 May 2019

A family in As-Salt is opening their home to tourists by offering a home visit experience. The Al-Adham family, who are residents of the city, are inviting guests and visitors to come to their home and experience the traditional Salti lifestyle.

“My grandfather first built it over a hundred and fifteen years ago. And then he passed it down to my father, who passed it onto me.” said Abu Mohammed Al-Adham, the current owner of Beit Al-Adham.

Built out of the famous yellow limestone of As-Salt, the house is notable for an architectural style that combines both the arches and domes typical of Islamic design with small windows and high energies for privacy. In entering the house, guests pass through a Liwan entry hall, which features a high open ceiling that circulates air into the shady interior.

“The house was being rented for a while, but we decided to open it up for visitors and promote our heritage.” Said Umm Mohammed, wife to Abu Mohammed Al-Adham. She added that “We wanted the house to be a heritage site for As-Salt and promote the city’s wealth of history to visitors, and we can do that by hosting guests and welcoming them into our way of life.”  

In visiting, guests will learn about the family’s history in As-Salt and the neighborhood in general and try their hand at board games such as backgammon and mancala among others. They will also enjoy traditional Salti cuisine and be able to take home local staples of As-Salt, such as jams and pickled goods, all produced from the As-Salt Brand shop. Bookings for the experience are currently being handled by the Salt Development Corporation.

The experience is being supported the Salt Development Corporation and USAID BEST as part of wider efforts to establish As-Salt and its rural areas as an attractive tourism destination and encourage visitation, both domestic and international, to the area.