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Al Ghirbal Restaurant to Offer Authentic Salti Experience

21 Jun 2018

Al Ghirbal Restaurant to Offer Authentic Salti Experience

An upcoming spot in the city of As-Salt, Jordan’s first distinctive destination, is Al-Ghirbal Restaurant, run by Al-Dabbas family. The ground floor has been serving as a traditional restaurant since early 2017. USAID BEST has awarded the owners a grant to support the opening of a tourism restaurant on the first floor of the building, which is currently unused.

“There is no place in As-Salt for people, for families, to gather,” said Amer Al-Dabbas, one of the owners. “We want to introduce tourists to the culture and hospitality of As-Salt through our distinctive cuisine, entertainment activities, and art.”The building dates back to 1827, making its high ceilings, classic tiles and stained windows the ideal location for an authentic Salti experience. To decorate the space further, the owners commissioned the local female artist, Balqees, to paint a mural depicting the hills of As-Salt, which are packed with colourful traditional buildings. The space will combine elements of the city with stories of locals, authentic dishes, and collected artefacts.

The owners are working with four local women who will provide homemade products such as pickles and olives to be served and sold at the restaurant. The restaurant manager is also a woman.

USAID BEST is helping the owners tap into the tourism market and expand their marketing through a newly-developed brand inspired by the sieve, which is the meaning of the Arabic word “ghirbal.”

The restaurant had its soft opening in June 2018 and is planning a grand opening in August.