Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Al Joub Trails in Ajloun are being developed

13 Sep 2018

USAID BEST is supporting the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA) to develop three trails in Ajloun that will connect the Ajloun Castle to Wadi Al Joub and its neighboring communities. These efforts will help increase economic opportunities for families living along the trails, whilst attracting visitors to Ajloun for new experiences. One trail will lead to Kufranjah, one to Khirbet al Wahadneh, and the last one will circle back to the castle.

Meetings and a preliminary assessment have been completed including scouting, GPX mapping and community outreach.  USAID BEST will soon begin working with community members who have micro and small enterprises (MSEs) to develop authentic experiences along the trails. Local escorts will be selected and given Leave No Trace and Wilderness First Aid training, along with other essential skills. The pilot trails are expected to open in November 2018.