Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Amman Baptist School student continue their internship

22 Apr 2018

Amman Baptist School juniors and seniors continue to recieve hands on training at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Amman. The Internship Experiencce in the Hospitality Sector program is gaining many praises from teachers, parents, and students. This week students will have a familiarizatin trip to a few Dead Sea hotels to become familiar with how the tourism and hospitality fields work on a biggger scale.

Eleventh grade intern Nader Rabadi said, “In the internship you get to meet new people in addition to it being positively different from the classroom in terms of education style. The internship has improved my communication skills, but I mainly enjoy it simply knowing it will open doors for me and my career opportunities in the future.”

According to Head of the Hospitality Management Department, Jena Khbeis, “It is our pleasure that USAID has accepted to support this internship. In the long term I know it will add value to our student’s future by allowing them to experience what the hospitality sector is really like.” She continued, “The internship will build their skills and encourage them to continue to study this path in university.”