Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

BookAgri on display within ‘Treasures of the Valley of Jordan’

9 Dec 2019

The Al-Marj Training and Development Company promoted BookAgri at the ‘Treasures of the Valley of Jordan’ event in Amman this month, which was organized by the Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) and held under the patronage of HRH Basma Bin Talal. The purpose of the event was to link Small and Micro Entrepreneurs with retailers, wholesalers, and other companies to increase their sales through exposure to a wider market.

BookAgri products were on display, with representatives from BookAgri-affiliated farms in Allan, Jerash and Ajloun promoting their experiences and products to attendees and exposing their products to a wider market. 

“We participated to demonstrate the importance of BookAgri as a new tourism destination within the [Hashemite] Kingdom,” explained Rudaina Haddad, CEO of Al-Marj and BookAgri. She added, “BookAgri has already proven that, with financial support from USAID BEST and MEDA, that obstacles like employment, inclusion, product development, market reach, community empowerment, use of resources and application of [existing] knowledge can be overcome.”

As a result, Rudaina noted that many experiences were booked up by booth visitors up until March 2020, with farm produce selling well at the event.

USAID BEST supported Al-Marj Company to successfully introduce agritourism experiences in Allan and is now supporting the development of experiences in Ajloun and Jerash.  Al-Marj works with local farmers to develop agritourism experiences and products at local farms. Each farm specializes in different goods and services, ranging from producing dairy products and honey to harvesting zaatar, sumac, olives and berries.