Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Encouraging investment in Jordan’s tourism sector, from Irbid to Ma’an

19 Mar 2018

A month-long roadshow by the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) and USAID BEST to highlight new potential tourism investment opportunities across Jordan came to an end on March 26th. The roadshow covered all 12 governorates around Jordan where JIC shared its national tourism investment map and presented preliminary economic feasibility studies of the proposed projects.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Jordan Tourism Board briefed participants on the current state of the country’s tourism sector, as well as Jordan's international marketing plans and anticipated future trends in tourism. USAID BEST partner banks Al Ahli, Capital Bank and Housing Bank also took part to discuss loan products developed last year specifically for the tourism sector.

May Jadallah, a resident of Irbid who attended the first session, discussed her impressions in detail, saying, “What was being discussed will benefit the future of tourism and its development in service of the people. The variety of offers from the banks is reassuring, because it means that you don’t have only one avenue in pursuing a project.”

Karaki businessman Sagar Masarweh offered his own thoughts regarding the announced investment opportunities, “There are many opportunities right now thanks to the Investment Commission and all the partners involved, and the roadshow is giving people detailed studies regarding proposed projects and their chances of failure and success. We cannot wait for others to invest in our country, we must take part of the responsibility in building this country.”

Nawal Sawalha, owner of the Mosaic City Hotel, offered her own thoughts at the Madaba session, saying “The session today was very helpful, very educational as to the possibilities present. The presence of the Investment Commission and their role in the discussion was encouraging, as they outlined the projects quite well to an audience that needed details on these previously unknown projects. And they got just that, details on the loans, on tax relief, on what one would need to know before proceeding.”

Government and financial officials have been positive regarding the immediate future of the national tourism sector, pointing to significant increases in total revenues and tourist numbers in 2017 over 2016, including an increase in revenues by $4.6 billion from $ 4.1 billion the year prior and an 8.7% rise in the total number of tourists.