Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Expanding inbound travel sales and distribution channels

15 Sep 2019

USAID BEST and the Jordan Society for Travel Agents held a Digital Tourism Training Seminar for inbound tour operators, travel agents and Destination Management Companies (DMC) in Jordan on online selling and expanding sales and distribution channels. The workshop took place on September 14, 2019, led by an international digital marketing expert. Participants learned how they can use third party digital platforms to increase sales and profits.

This training is important to tour operators as travel planning has become digital and this has redefined the distribution model; millennial and connected travelers have moved online and are moving away from organized tours and intermediary agents among. For many tour operators and agents, the shift online has been a challenge.

The workshop addressed the challenge from the Jordanian perspective, looking at how global trends are now showing a resurgence of tour operators in the digital space, but with a new way of doing businesses, and how new travel behavior is reshaping the travel booking model. Participants were encouraged to make the move into the online space and begin to use new resources to make their business more flexible and attuned to the needs of connected travelers. They also learned what digital marketing tools can be utilized and how, such as websites and search, social media, online advertising and promotion, and creating online campaigns.