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Fundukia students graduate following industry internship at Crowne Plaza

24 Nov 2019

The Amman Baptist School has graduated its second class of Fundukia program students, who completed industry training through a partnership with the Crowne Plaza Amman, facilitated by USAID BEST. As part of the program, the graduates of the two-year hospitality stream did a 24-week internship at the Crowne Plaza hotel alongside their in-school studies, which included one day a week of work experience at the hotel in addition to three fulltime months in the summer.

“My dream is to become an executive chef,” said Michail El Souso, one of the graduates. Michail proved himself to be a dedicated and hardworking intern, and during the ceremony he received an offer to join Crowne Plaza as a full-time employee.

Michail noted that that ‘working with Crowne Plaza was a great experience’ and that he ‘would encourage more students to enter the program and consider hospitality as a career path.’

The ceremony included an awareness session for 11th and 12th year students and their parents, which brought together representatives from the Crowne Plaza, InterContinental Hotels Group and the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts to speak about the learning and career opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector.

“The students taking part in the program have undergone extraordinary training and are taking their first steps in the hospitality sector,” said Yara Goussous, Principal of the Amman Baptist School. Referring to the internship partnership between the school and the hotel, she noted that the program is ‘the first of its kind for high school students in Jordan’ and represents a ‘real opportunity for students with the desire and passion to make headway into the hospitality sector’.

By 2023, Jordan’s hospitality and tourism sector will face a labor shortage of nearly 20,000 employees, with hundreds of those jobs being management and supervisory roles. This means that there is great opportunity for employment and career progression in hospitality and tourism. Dozens of Jordanian colleges, technical institutions and universities supply tourism and hospitality graduates to the sector, while other graduates return to Jordan after completing studies abroad.

USAID BEST supports educational institutions that offer tourism-related studies to enhance their programs and encourage more students to choose careers in tourism and hospitality. The industry internship program will continue at the Amman Baptist School, offering students a unique opportunity to pursue careers in hospitality and tourism and drawing awareness to the opportunities and benefits of working in the sector.