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Get Aroundtown

2 Dec 2018

For visitors to Jordan, a new phone app called Aroundtown is available to guide them to the best places to visit, local events, booking information, transport options and more. The app details local restaurants, current events, and promotions to keep users abreast of all that is happening around town. USAID BEST is providing support to add a new feature to the application, which will list local experiences around the country, making it a more inclusive destination application. 

USAID BEST is also supporting Aroundtown with its marketing efforts, which include developing a marketing plan and  promoting the app through radio advertisement and online campaigns, for which visuals, videos and other material and content will be created.

As the first of its kind in Jordan, this app is already doing well, but it is expected to attract more users as a result of the new feature and marketing campaign. Aroundtown is a unique and creative sales platform for local service providers and business owners.

The new feature is expected to be ready in February 2019.