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Government issues amendments to hotel bylaws regarding new accommodation type and professional training

19 Feb 2020

In February 2020, the Jordanian cabinet approved amendments to the Jordan Hotels Association bylaws, to officially allow the Jordan Hotels Association (JHA) to undertake skills development trainings and develop and manage training centers. As a result of the amendments, the JHA is now able to operate Pathways to Professionalism as a national program that offers certification recognized by the Jordan government. Pathways to Professionalism offers on-the-job training for hotel employees in food production, housekeeping, front office and food and beverage service, and provides the opportunity to advance their professional development while continuing to work. Pathways to Professionalism was launched by USAID BEST in conjunction with the Jordan Hotel Association in 2016 to improve the quality of service in Jordan’s hotels.

In addition, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities published new regulations and standards for guest houses under the Hotel Bylaw. These new standards define guest houses as a new accommodation type, and encompasses farmhouses, separate houses (to include homestays) and apartments. The formalization of the status of guest houses as tourist accommodation will help organize the nascent sector and place it under the purview of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities regarding accountability, best practices and good conduct. The changes come following collaboration with USAID BEST to standardize regulations for various forms of tourism accommodation in Jordan, including camps, desert camps, eco resorts and more.

USAID BEST works closely with government, non-government and private sector tourism stakeholders to establish Jordan as a globally competitive tourism destination. The United States government, through USAID, has provided foreign assistance from the American