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Graffiti artist uses city walls to ‘ignite people’s social conscience’

8 Nov 2017

”I see street art as archives of social revolution. Like a war photographer, I am simply recording urban activities for posterity; graffiti and tagging are a kind of journalism through art,” said Just One, a Dubai-based graffiti artist whose work covers some of the walls of Amman.

Just One started tagging at the age of 16, along with a group of friends influenced by the 1990s hip-hop culture. “At that point, I was only ‘tagging’ my name on the city’s walls, mostly at night with spraycans and a marker,” he recalled. 

As the city’s video surveillance increased, the young man decided to leave the graffiti scene and turned to photography and video instead. “When I started doing graffiti and tagging, I realised I was truly passionate about art, but I also knew that it wouldn’t give me a degree,” the artist told The Jordan Times on Tuesday.

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