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Graffiti becomes ‘new product’ of Amman’s cultural tourism

2 Apr 2018

 A tip by her sister encouraging her to visit Amman triggered in curiosity in Palestinian Ashgan Borjas about the nearby capital. 

Before visiting Jordan, she was not aware of the local art scene hosted in the city. “Once I discovered the number of graffiti, [work] around Amman, it became a major reason for my trips, as I like this kind of painting a lot,” she told The Jordan Times. 

Graffiti has become a “new product” officials can rely on to promote tourism and transform the Kingdom into a chosen destination for tourists all over the world. 

Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, managing director of Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), said Jordan has been growing as an art destination. “We added a new product to the country's attractions which is art. We want to promote all kind of art experiences including graffiti for tourists and artists alike,” he told The Jordan Times.

JTB has recently announced the launch of “Art Destination Jordan”, a website offering a glimpse into the modern and traditional art scene in the Kingdom, in partnership with Universes in Universe-Worlds of Art.

Art Destination Jordan is "a unique web product and a sustainable resource for cultural tourism combining contemporary and modern arts and architecture with historical treasures, traditions and cultural heritage of the country", a JTB statement recently e-mailed to The Jordan Times said. 

For Shatha Al Majali, a Jordanian graffiti artist, graffiti can be a magnet to attract people to new places and discover their hidden beauty.

“Graffiti art creates a different environment and gives a spirit to the place hosting it. The art of graffiti is very important as it reflects what’s happening in the street. Graffiti can change an ordinary wall to a special place with an identity and possibly a message that can give you inspiration, hope or even love,” she said.   

In October 2016, Leena Haddad and Dina Toukan teamed up to create an Instagram account dubbed “Amman Street Art”, where they promote local graffiti paintings and artists, without realising they were also being part of the cultural tourism promotional process. 

“We were approached by a Palestinian girl who said she likes to come to Jabal Luweibdeh because of the colours all over the walls,” Toukan told The Jordan Times, while Haddad stressed that the beauty of street art encourages people to head to new locations as they stop by the painting to take photos of it.

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