Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

High school students complete pilot hospitality internship program

15 May 2018

This month, 16 students from the Amman Baptist School completed the Internship Experience in the Hospitality Sector program at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Amman. The internship program was designed by USAID BEST and piloted by Amman Baptist School in collaboration with Crowne Plaza Hotel Amman. It is open to students of the high school hospitality stream Fundukia, and seeks to attract students to pursue careers in hospitality and tourism and draw awareness to the opportunities and benefits of working in the sector.

During the three-month internship, the students rotated between food and beverage services, housekeeping, concierge and food production departments, then selected the department that suited their interests. 

“I enjoyed the dining service, it’s my favorite department. I would encourage anyone to work in this field because there are many opportunities and pay is good. I want to work in hotel management, so I will pursue the hospitality field in college,” said intern Hanin Hadadeen.

“My parents encouraged me to pursue the course even though we have no family history in the industry. I like the food and beverage/kitchen work the most because I like to make food. I prefer the classes to the work, but I learned a lot from both. I want to continue these courses in college and I plan to be a chef. People think this work is easy, but it isn’t,” said Jaber Zreig, another intern.  

The graduates are going into their final year of high school and will continue to focus on their hospitality studies with a better understanding of what it takes to work in the field. USAID BEST continues to support educational institutions that offer tourism-related studies to enhance their programs and encourage more students to choose the tourism and hospitality sectors as a desired career path.