Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Improving board governance within Jordan's tourism associations

20 Oct 2018

On October 20, 2018 USAID BEST held a workshop on Board Governance for board members and executive officers of key tourism associations in Jordan. The purpose was to help improve the way in which organizations are directed and controlled for greater effectiveness and efficiency. 

Effective board governance is one of the main components of successful organizations; it is about the processes for making and implementing decisions that advance an organization’s principles and mission, while providing strategic leadership to the organization. It affects the organization’s performance, sustainability, efficiency, accountability, and overall environment.

Led by international expert and managing director of the Governance Forum, Karl George, the workshop discussed key corporate governance principles, best practice based on various governance codes from around the world, the governance framework, examples of effective and ineffective governance practices and their effect on organizations, as well as other related topics.

Mr. Vatché Yergatian, General Manager, Jordan Hotel Association, attended the workshop. He said, “The TGF Code Governance Diagnostic Assessment is a great tool. It specifies and highlights the gray areas. The workshop was professionally presented. We at JHA need to have the board members go through a full day training session.”

Others who attended the workshop included board members and executive officers of the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association, Jordan Society of Tourism & Travel Agents, Jordan Hotel Association, Jordan Restaurant Association, Jordan Handicraft Producers Association, and the Jordan Trail Association.