Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

#InvestInJoTourism #استثماري_السياحي

8 Jun 2017

Get on social media to learn about investment incentives and tourism lending in Jordan

USAID BEST has launched a social media campaign to spread awareness about investment incentives and loan products available to tourism businesses, entrepreneurs and investors all around Jordan and catalyze investment in the tourism sector. USAID BEST is working in partnership with the Jordan Investment Commission to promote the incentives, and has established partnerships with Jordanian banks to increase access to finance for tourism enterprises and entrepreneurs, who often are unaware of the existing financing options and lending products for tourism in the market.

The #InvestinJoTourism #استثماري_السياحي campaign explains the investment incentives and exemptions offered to tourism businesses, and promotes the loan products customized for the tourism sector that are offered by Al Ahli Bank, the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, Capital Bank and the Islamic International Arab Bank. These are all summarized in a booklet that outlines Available Lending for Tourism SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). USAID BEST is also offering technical assistance to tourism enterprises and entrepreneurs to enhance their ability to access credit.

The campaign seeks to reach entrepreneurs interested in starting a tourism business, those seeking to develop or expand a current tourism business, and investors interested in the tourism sector.

Follow the campaign on USAID BEST Facebook and Twitter channels to find out more, and stay tuned for upcoming messages.

To see campaign posts to date, search for #InvestinJoTourism or #استثماري_السياحي in Facebook or Twitter.