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Jordan hosts first regional DATA event on travel marketing and planning

24 Feb 2019

This month saw Jordan become the first country in the Middle East to host the Destination Academy with TripAdvisor (DATA) conference. 

The event was held between February 23, 2019 and February 27, 2019 in collaboration with USAID BEST, Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), and TripAdvisor, drawing destination marketing organizations and tourism boards across the region to discuss and strengthen local and regional understanding of the growing importance of user-generated content in travel planning. The event comes as part of key efforts to promote Jordan as a tourism destination.

“We’re here to bring tourism boards together and give them an opportunity to network. The sessions will explore some of the challenges faced and marketing activities being employed and give them an understanding of the flavor of the destination and experience things in Jordan that they can hopefully take back to their destinations and implement similar things.” said Destination Marketing guest speaker Tim Schofield “And as for the attendees from destinations located in Jordan, they’ll be gaining a better background on how travelers perceive them and how they can capitalize on that.”

Attendees were able to exchange experiences and discuss best practices in destination promotion across the region, partaking in five seminars and training sessions on the latest global trends and data for online travel, the challenges of curating content, impacts of social media outlets on destinations, and mobile, tablet and location-based marketing techniques.