Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Jordan Tourism Board to develop Amman Trail with Greater Amman Municipality and USAID BEST

21 Jul 2019

The Jordan Tourism Board signed an agreement with the Greater Amman Municipality and USAID BEST to work on a new initiative, the "Amman Heritage Walk (Amman Trail)". The initiative aims to draw the attention of residents and tourists to downtown Amman, which has a rich heritage, culture and history. The purpose is to increase the length of stay of visitors in Amman and ultimately make it a desirable tourism destination.

The idea behind the trail is part of the municipality’s plan and vision for the city of Amman for 2025 to become a pedestrian-friendly city that showcases its heritage alongside modern life. The initiative combines the efforts of a group of experts that includes architects, landscapers and historians.  

Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, Managing Director, Jordan Tourism Board, expressed optimism in the project saying, "We, as the Jordan Tourism Board, are pleased to see efforts being made to support the different types and aspects of tourism. Implementing such projects confirms the interest of all parties in making Amman an attractive destination for tourists, by providing trails like this that offers city-loving tourists, visitors and residents the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the capital in a peaceful manner, away from traffic. JTB will gather all its expertise in marketing, promotion and social media to serve the Amman Trail project and introduce it at tourism exhibitions and activities, both regionally and internationally."  

Dr. Youssef Shawarbeh, Mayor of Amman, stressed the importance of cooperation under this agreement to boost tourism in Amman and, “Promote it as an authentic and modern city with many archaeological sites - both heritage and new tourism attractions.” He confirmed that, “Implementing the Amman Heritage Walk project in the heart of the city, an important urban space of architectural, archaeological, social and cultural significance that symbolizes the identity of the city and is a vital center of trade, will highlight the center of the city and promote it as a tourism, social and economic product so that residents and visitors can interact with the city through walking, in addition to making it a tourist hub that creates investment opportunities and enhances economic activity to achieve sustainable tourism.”

The main part of the trail, which has been mapped in the commercial heart of Amman, covers the area from the Citadel to the Jordan Museum, passing by several places of interest along the way.