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Jordan Trail Run successfully completed

1 Dec 2017
Mohammad Al Sweity and Alfie Pearce-Higgins became the first to successfully complete running the 650km Jordan Trail. The two reached Aqaba today and were joined in support by several local runners in the final 5 kilometers. Many cheered them on as they crossed the finish line and headed for a swim in the Red Sea. They were later presented with plaques that read, “First to Run the Jordan Trail”.  

Reflecting on his journey, Pearce-Higgins said, "Far from being an endurance challenge, running the Jordan Trail was a pleasure from start to finish. I was privileged to experience the stunning scenery, the fascinating history and the warm hospitality of Jordan on foot, and would recommend to everyone from weekend walkers to veteran runners alike." 

Al Swaity said, “The experience was new in all aspects and I didn’t expect it to be so challenging and beautiful at the same time. I thought I knew a lot about Jordan, but I realized I knew nothing as there were many places that I’ve never seen before.” He added, “I think such an experience with a few adjustments on its timing has the potential to attract many athletes not only to participate in a race, but to feel the adventure and the challenge.”