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The Jordan Trail Thru-Hike Begins Tomorrow

30 Mar 2017

Um Qais (March 30, 2017) A group of Jordanian and international hikers will embark on a modern-day epic journey on Friday, as they begin the first public thru-hike of the newly launched Jordan Trail.

The Trail, is a 650-kilometer trek that passes through 52 villages across Jordan. The thru-hike celebrates the Trail's launch, and is organized by the Jordan Trail Association (JTA) as an annual fundraiser, and will allow explorers to experience the many diverse landscapes and beautiful nature that Jordan has to offer.

The JTA is organizing the thru-hike in coordination with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA), along with the support from the USAID Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project (BEST).The Jordan Tourism Board, Wamda Capital, Zain, Syntax, Mood FM, Beat FM, Watar FM, JOFECO, JORAMCO and Al Judd are sponsoring the thru-hike, which is the inaugural event in what will become an annual tradition in the country. Hikers from the UK, USA, France and Jordan are joining to date and including Tony Howard and Di Taylor, authors of several trekking guidebooks on Jordan and International media will be on hand to cover this unique experience, including Andrew Evans National Geographic Traveler's Digital Explorer.

H.E. Lina Annab, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, describes the thru-hike as a life-changing adventure, and said, “The hikers will get to know the diversity of Jordan’s people and traditions, and Jordanians will have the opportunity to meet people from around the world and learn about their cultures. I look forward to the continued development and promotion of the Jordan Trail as a reflection of the country and what it has to offer.”

According to Lewis Tatem, USAID Jordan Deputy Mission Director, “JTA and USAID are expanding Jordan’s tourism, and changing secondary sites into premier tourist attractions; creating a demand for a visitor experience that encompasses the allure of local cuisine, culture, and communion."  He added, "This trail highlights Jordan’s potential to become a premier adventure tourism and trekking destination, providing the credence of USAID’s support for the Jordan Trail Association; as we aware that this trekking site can assist Jordan’s tourism sector."

Muna Haddad, JTA President, said, “The Jordan Trail is a true showcase of the country in all of its different elements. Whether it’s Jordan's beautiful nature, hospitable people, or its unique cultural diversity, there is something on the trail for everyone. There is a lot of work ahead of us to further develop the trail and services along the way and it is exciting to see growing interest and support for the work the JTA is doing."

The thru-hike is open to everyone to join for weekend day or overnight trips along the way. The Jordan Trail Association website provides full information about the trail, along with route maps for individual hikers and hiking groups to use for navigating it.

National Geographic listed the hike from Dana to Petra, included in the Jordan Trail, as one of the top hikes in the world. Two young Jordanians from Madaba, Mohammad Al Homran and Mohammad Zayadeen, were the first people to hike the entire trail in a record-setting 32 days.