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Jordan Trail thru-hike concludes

14 Apr 2018


The Jordan Trail thru-hikers reached the Red Sea in Aqaba this month, bringing the second annual event to a successful close. This year more than 550 people joined the thru-hike route, including the five thru-hikers themselves who completed the full 650km. Over 44-days, this breath-taking quest took hikers across the 650 kilometers of the Jordan Trail from Um Qais in the north to Aqaba in the south. Hikers of all skill levels were given the chance to witness firsthand the dynamics of Jordan’s landscapes and terrains.

There were five thru-hikers from Jordan and abroad who committed to the full journey. They were able to experience Jordan’s terrains shift from lush green valleys to spectacular mountains and arid desert, and they had opportunities to engage with the communities living along the trail. These interactions allowed a deeper understanding of Jordan’s culture and people in a way that is not always easily accessible.

JTA conducts this event to promote the Jordan Trail and create financial opportunities for the people living in the 52 villages and communities along the trail.  To date, about 160 families and 30 service providers are benefitting from the development of the trail, which is three times as many that benefitted during its first year. The Jordan Trail continues to attract people all over the world to Jordan for adventure tourism as word starts to spread about the natural beauty and diversity within the Kingdom.

This year’s thru-hike was organized by JTA in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities along with USAID BEST and Jordan Tourism Board support. The Jordan Trail is fully marked and accessible to the public all year round. Click here to learn more about the trail and to find maps and other resources that will help you plan a successful trip.


Watch the video to see what thru-hikers had to say about completing their journey.