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Jordanian scholar strolls through history of Islamic waystations

9 Jan 2018

(Jordan Times) Research Associate at Andrews University Reem Al Shqour undertook the task to write about Islamic waystations because she thought that in spite of available material evidence not so many scholars tackle the topic of pre-Ottoman and Ottoman waystations on the pilgrimage route to Mecca.

“Actually, there have only been two studies that have focused on khans [waystation] in Jordan in any depth: the first is my own MA thesis, ‘Roman Fortress to Islamic Khan in Jordan: An Archaeological Look at Structural Continuity in Defence Systems’, in which I examined the relationship of the earliest khans with Roman and Byzantine fortresses by focusing on morphology [the physical layout] and structural continuity,” the expert said, adding, "the second study is done by Andrew Peterson which focused on khans of the Ottoman period.”

There had been no sufficient studies of khans during the Ayyubid/Mamluk period, nor a study that provides “a complete diachronic analysis of khan development from their initial appearance in the Umayyad times, through to the Ottoman period”, the scholar, specialised in Islamic Archaeology, claimed.

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