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JTB launches strategy to grow Biblical tourism to Jordan

20 Jul 2018

The Jordan Tourism Board, under the patronage of H.E. Lina Annab, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, and with the support of USAID BEST, launched its 2018-2021 Biblical Tourism Strategy last month. The strategy seeks to grow Christian faith-based visits to Jordan by realizing the country’s global potential and competitive advantage for this type of tourism.

Jordan is home to many historic biblical sites, such as Bethany Beyond the Jordan, where Jesus was baptised along the Jordan River, Mount Nebo, which Moses is said to have climbed to view the Promised Land, and the Dead Sea. Despite the fact that Jordan falls within the boundaries of the Holy Land, as mentioned in the Bible and is depicted by a map created in 500 AD in the Church of Saint George in Madaba, it is often overlooked by the potential target market as a biblical destination. The strategy will market Jordan as an authentic location for those who desire to experience the story of Jesus and walk in his footsteps. This campaign will also aim to attract faith-based tourists visiting Palestine to show them that their tour of the Holy Land is not complete without visiting Jordan.

Religious tourism currently accounts for a small percentage of visits to Jordan. USAID BEST is providing support for attracting more Christian faith travellers to Jordan by working with JTB on developing action plans to bring those numbers up by the end of the three years. The strategy will target both faith pilgrimage tourists who are looking for spiritual growth and religious devotion, and religious and cultural tourists who also seek leisurely activities and may be motivated by an interest in the historical aspect or the beauty of religious sites. It will also focus on improving the sites themselves to ensure an excellent and authentic visitor experience as well as aligning Jordan’s tourism industry to support the strategy.

This strategy will not only strengthen and reaffirm Jordan’s position as a key destination for biblical tourism but also stimulate the country’s tourism industry as a whole and make it more resilient.