Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Local students paint their visions of As-Salt

14 May 2019

A tourism awareness painting and drawing competition has been underway in As-Salt since March, with high school students taking part. BEST, in partnership with the Salt Development Corporation (SDC), the Greater Salt Municipality, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and Ministry of Environment launched the painting competition to make students aware of the importance of keeping As-Salt tourism-friendly by protecting the environment, heritage and culture of the city.

More than a hundred 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade students from 15 private and public schools across As-Salt have chosen to take part and guest teachers Khaldoun Abu Taleb, Nawzat Najdawi and Jordanian artist Soheil Baqaeen have been holding pre-competition art classes to communicate to them how art can help promote and protect As-Salt.  

 “Art tourism can play a very important role in regard to tourism in As-Salt, both in attracting visitors and giving these students the idea that it is a personally and professionally rewarding line of work.” said Soheil Baqaeen following a class at the Holy Land Institute for the Deaf. He added that “Engaging these students to think critically and expressively is important, as is giving credence to their opinions. As-Salt can only be seen in the eyes of our children, and in recognizing that you broaden its future and prospects.”

Following the completion of artworks by the participating students, a panel of judges will review a shortlist of 90 paintings and determine competition winners in an exhibition and awards ceremony that will be held at the SDC Conference Hall on June 17, 2019.    

USAID BEST is working with MoTA, Municipality of As-Salt, Salt Development Corporation and others to spread awareness of the importance of tourism among the community of As-Salt regarding their city’s potential as a tourism destination and encourage the community to seek opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector.