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Making art at the park

26 Sep 2018

Source: Jordan Times

Launched a year ago by three friends willing to provide a solution to the lack of available spaces showcasing the creative side of the region, the “Art at The Park” initiative has grown to become an annual landmark looked forward by the local community.

“I came last year and I loved the amazing atmosphere that was perfect for both adults and children. It was a true breath of fresh air inside the capital which does not witness that many outdoor activities usually,” said Mariam Alawani, a mother of three living in Amman.

“After last year’s success, when we organised four separate events that brought in a total of 7,081 people, we received a lot of positive feedback and people have been underlining how much this type of event is needed in the country,” said Hind Joucka, one of the co-founders of Art at The Park which is running its second edition this year.

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