Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities staff complete crisis and risk management training

10 Jul 2019

USAID BEST conducted specialized training to Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA) staff members on crisis and risk management as part of efforts to enhance their capacity to manage and implement large-scale projects and respond to emergencies in an efficient and effective manner.   

The training took place over two days at King Abdullah Center for Excellence (KACE) in July 2019 for 15 MoTA staff, equipping staffers with the skills needed to foresee risks, identify actions to prevent them from occurring, reduce their impact should they do so and to integrate it within project planning and preparations and propose solutions in response.

Participating staffers are now better able to determine the root causes of problems and address them, as well as better develop protocols for emergency responses, evacuations and other activities. Following the conclusion of training, participants are now producing on a cohesive management plan for the Ministry’s review and approval.

According to Maha Abu Sham’ah, an Information Officer for the Directorate of Labor Market Development and Tourism Awareness, “Previously we produced project plans without taking into account any specific considerations or issues. Because of the training, we’re now able to work out detailed (risk management) plans, and know how to classify the risks based on their types, be it legal, media or otherwise.”

USAID BEST is supporting the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to improve their institutional performance and address weaknesses through customized training. These efforts follow on from USAID BEST support since 2016 to build ministry capacity for planning and operations and instill core values across the organization for a more efficient and effective Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.