Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities unveils new systems that enhance Jordan’s accommodation classification process

27 Jun 2019

Today the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA) launched it's new Quality Standards and Classification Directorate along with its Tourism Classification Online System. These were developed with support from the USAID Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism (BEST) project in partnership with private and public stakeholders to create clarity regarding the quality and standards of facilities and services offered to tourists and visitors.

Prior to establishing the Quality Standards and Classification Directorate, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ (MoTA) approved assessors operated under the Professions Directorate and were immersed in daily administrative tasks, including licensing or other registration issues. Establishing the new specialized directorate ensures that the approved assessors are focused on the quality standards and classification for hotels and establishments and achieve the goal of classifying all hotels.

The Tourism Classification Online System evolved as part of MoTA efforts to maintain international best practices within Jordan’s tourism sector. USAID BEST convened a working group to assess and revise the existing hotel classification standards and develop a modern tourism accommodation classification system that meets the needs and expectations of today’s tourists. The resulting system was developed through a partnership between USAID, MoTA, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) and the Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority (PDTRA). Private sector tourism accommodation providers were also involved at every stage of development, from design of the system to pilot testing the processes and procedures.