Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

MoTA staff across the country trained to develop directorate workplans

27 Jun 2019

USAID BEST, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA) and the Institute for Public Administration (IPA) collaborated to provide specialized training to MoTA directors on developing directorate workplans that are in line with their strategic plan and setting performance indicators to monitor work progress. A four-day intensive training workshop, including practical training, took place in June 2019 for 32 MoTA directors from the ministry’s headquarter and 12 governorates.

According to Ruba Goussous, from the Aqaba MoTA Directorate, "The training was of great benefit to us. I now know how to better plan projects, and when developing a plan, to ensure it within the ministry’s overall strategy, and to set budgets and indicators - all the steps towards implementing a project. Because of the training I’m now equipped to do these things within the greater framework of the ministry’s national strategy. One of the projects we are working on that we faced issues with, we have now revisited and are able to examine where the problems came from and how we could have addressed them."

MoTA directors are now equipped with the skills needed to create their own directorate work plans and set performance indicators to guide their operations each year. This enables the directorates to be more involved in implementing the ministry’s strategy and contribute to achieving its strategic objectives. It complements previous support by USAID BEST to deliver executive planning training to MoTA to enhance their capacity to manage and implement large-scale projects.

MoTA operates through its ministry headquarter in Amman and has nine directorates in the governorates of Jordan, which oversee and support its work in those areas. IPA is a semi-public entity specialized in providing training for the public sector.