Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

New initiative invites youth in south of Jordan to join tourism workforce

25 Oct 2018

USAID BEST and the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) are working together to raise awareness among youth communities in the south of Jordan regarding the work opportunities available to them in tourism.

This initiative kicks off on October 27 with tourism awareness sessions for youth in Ma’an and Aqaba and their families. The sessions will highlight the diverse employment potential that the tourism and hospitality sector holds for Jordanians as well as the importance of tourism to Jordan’s economy. They will also seek to challenge the culture of shame regularly linked to working in the tourism sphere and encourage women to join the field, highlighting the benefits of joining the tourism and hospitality workforce. The sessions will host experts from the industry who work in hotels, restaurants and universities to speak about their personal development, the obstacles they faced, and their experience within the tourism sector.

Following the sessions, a job fair will be held at the JOHUD Aqaba center at the end of November, which will promote jobs in Aqaba. Additionally, a new Tourism and Hospitality Employment Unit at the JOHUD Aqaba center is set to open, which will announce training courses and job opportunities. The center will also follow-up with newly-employed people to provide assistance and guarantee a smooth transition into the tourism industry.