Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

New Online Travel Platform To Help Boost Bookings To Jordan

18 Feb 2017

Supported by the USAID Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project and Oasis 500, TravoTech launched their online platform that facilitates direct travel bookings. The platform enables travel agents to sell their services online to people all over the world and can be used by travelers to plan and price their trip, and pay and confirm instantly.

Omar Sabella, CEO of TravoTech, explained, “The world is developing and the number of Internet users is increasing. Travel, tourism and aviation companies are racing to use the Internet to reach their customers. ” He added, “ We have developed TravoTech platform to provide this service to companies here, and by doing so we hope we will be giving them access to new tourist markets and thus help to increase  visitors to Jordan and boost spending. "

Several travel agents were at the event to learn how they can benefit from a subscription to TravoTech. The platform allows full control over design and content and can be used for a more efficient and effective sales process. It reduces marketing and promotion costs.

On the traveler side, TravoTech enables potential travelers to Jordan to customize a trip according to their preferences, including where they want to go, how long they spend at each destination, where to stay and where to eat, and what type of transportation to use. It enables immediate pricing of such customized trips – an innovative new feature.

According to Fadi Sayess, President of Discovery Tourism Development & Discovery Group of Companies, one of the first travel agencies to start using TravoTech before it’s official launch, said, “The growing global trend among travelers is to plan their own travels rather than booking pre-designed tours. TravoTech allows for that and enables us as travel agents to reach clients in the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way. He added, "I think that travel and tourism companies can boost their businesses by using TravoTech and that will positively impact tourism to Jordan."

TravoTech was established in 2003 and was incubated by Oasis 500, which supports entrepreneurs to start and develop their technology businesses. USAID BEST works with tourism stakeholders and partners to reach new markets to increase visitor numbers and spending in Jordan.