Building Economic Sustainability through Tourism Project

Nine tourism projects benefit from investment incentives this month

16 Nov 2017
In April 2016, the Jordan Investment Commission launched a set of new investment incentives for the tourism sector to encourage investment in hotels, restaurants, amusement parks and conference centers, particularly outside of Amman. However, few tourism investors were aware of the incentives. USAID BEST partnered with JIC and MoTA to address this through an awareness campaign on social media and in the governorates. As a result, many new and existing tourism establishments have been applying to JIC to receive the incentives.
This month, nine tourism projects benefited from the investment incentives and tax exemptions. These include a hotel in Al Karak, a camp in Wadi Rum, a recreational park in Madaba and Irbid, a restaurant in Amman and Irbid, and three restaurants in Al Balqaa. Many of the owners learned about the benefits available through an awareness campaign.
To learn more about investment incentives and tax exemptions available to the tourism sector click here.
To learn more about how the owners of Olive Branch Restaurant in Jerash and Mountain Breeze in As-Salt benefited from the incentives, watch the following videos: