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Outdoor Adventure expert David Landis up-skills Jordan Trail Association staff

23 May 2018
Experienced outdoor adventurer and author known for the 2013 guide, “Hiking the Camino de Santiago”, David Landis, is back in Jordan with the Jordan Trail Association (JTA). USAID BEST first supported JTA in bringing Mr. Landis to Jordan in 2016 to complete a 33-day hike on the entire Jordan Trail. During this initial journey, Mr. Landis collected photos and other data such as natural attractions and identifying facilities along the trail. This information was used to help way-mark the trail, assess difficulty of its sections, collect data to develop material for an annual Jordan Trail thru-hike as well as for JTA’s website. 
This month, JTA hosted David Landis as a digital mapping expertise to lead trainings and workshops for JTA staff, members and volunteers. Mr. Landis guided a three-day field training on trail scouting, registering GPX points, map reading and re-routing GPS points and best practices for trail identification. Following a four-day workshop on re-scouting GPS coordinates and affirmation, map designing as well as how to produce GPX files for routes.
"This training will sharpen the skills of the staff of the Jordan Trail Association as well as the volunteers involved with updating the local digital maps and linking them accurately with satellite coordinates to upload on the JTA website,” said JTA’s Executive Director, Bashir Daoud.
JTA hopes to make the Jordan Trail accessible and appealing to trekkers all over the world.  In the future, JTA hopes to develop a Jordan Trail guidebook. USAID BEST continues to support initiatives that focus on building Jordan’s adventure tourism offerings.